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This website serves as an information portal for our bullet resistant and metal detector products. Since 2002, our team of security experts have spent countless hours researching, developing, and refining new types of security products which address the following problem: how to make security against gunmen affordable. When we launched our initial R & D project years ago, industry standard bullet resistant glass was extremely heavy, labor-intensive to install, and priced out of range for civilians. Utilizing decades of experience in molecular and material science, our research team discovered a stronger, far lighter solution which we call Ballistiglass. Classified as a “lightweight transparent armor plate”, our invention utilizes polymers that stops bullets from the “threat” direction yet, in certain applications,  allows bullets to pass through when fired from the “safe” side of Ballistiglass. We call this asymmetric capability “Counterfire”. Installation of Ballistiglass is performed by our team of experts as a retrofit to your current glass. No demolition, or de-installation of your current glass is necessary. This makes implementation of Ballistiglass at your site a project which takes days, not weeks or months. Ballistiglass plates can be retrofitted to any glass windows found on doors and walls. For less than $500, we can protect a classroom door against the AR-15 & AK-47 with BallistiMax, our strongest version of Ballistiglass. For protection against handgun threats only, we can install BallistiGuard for less than $300 for a classroom door.

Bullet resistant protection is one part of our solution against gunmen. To help keep guns from getting into buildings, we also have a stealth metal detector known as BallistiScan. This novel technology detects firearms using miniaturized military-grade sensors. BallistiScan is portable and can be set up in less than 5 minutes. Because of its size, BallistiScan provides a robust easy-to-use weapon detection system without the look of a TSA-like arch. We invite you to read our white paper on metal detectors (here).

As parents in America, we remember a time when students didn’t worry about gunmen. Our mission at Ballistiglass is to protect our kids so that they can get back to learning without worrying. We conduct business using only the highest ethical standards and are active with several charitable organizations. Please contact us for more details.

All purchases from Ballistiglass LLC require acceptance of our terms and conditions We invite you to review our Terms and Conditions page for details. The link can also be found in the footer section found at the bottom of the ballistiglass.com website.

Ballistiglass is privately held and headquartered in Parkland, Florida with a factory in Deerfield Beach. Ballistiglass products and installation methods are protected by US patent law. All bullet resistant products are proudly made in the US.